Savoring the last few days of my life as a bum

I remembered downloading this iOS app (AutoDesk’s SketchbookX) a few weeks back; and just now, I thought of giving it a go. So after a tad too many hours of doodling, I present to you my masterpiece! Apart from some references for the Hogwarts uniform, I did the entire thing from scratch. Haven’t drawn anything with such dedication for so many years now, so imagine my feels after finishing it!

This is how I perceive the trio based on the book and NOT the actors; because save for Rupert Grint and Alan Rickman, everyone doesn’t look anything like the characters they’re portraying. (My opinion, IDC if you don’t share the same sentiments). And as much as I love Emma Watson, she’s definitely too hot and gorgeous for geeky Hermione. FYI, big bushy hair does not translate to soft luscious curls. And that she’s a graduate of any ivy league university doesn’t change a thing.


Left the faces blank because I suck. But someday, I will have the courage to draw in the faces. 😉


3 thoughts on “Savoring the last few days of my life as a bum

    • Thanks! When people see my drawings, first thing they usually ask me is why I didn’t draw the faces. I had never expected someone would appreciate it that way. Maybe I can make it my thing, then. 🙂

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