Daily (Mis)adventures

Les Misérables: A Review

Les Misérables was the first classic novel that I read *on my own* accord (had to emphasize it just so you’d noticed that lousy word play I just made.)

It was summer after sixth grade. I was browsing through our shelves looking for a book to read, when I found our copy of Les Misérables. There was nothing fancy in the covers, nor even a summary for me to get a feel of what’s in there. Yet, I felt all the urge to read it. And fortunately, I did.

I was hooked the moment I started reading it that I basically breezed through the early chapters; all thanks to that precious and touching moment when Monseigneur Bienvenu granted Jean Valjean compassion and forgiveness just so he could grow into an honest man. From that point, I already had trouble putting the book down. Continue reading “Les Misérables: A Review”

Daily (Mis)adventures

Because #IWD

I am a feminist.

It does not mean I am a man hater. It does not mean I expect men to hold the doors or offer their seat for me. Nor do I expect people to treat me like a princess because “every woman is special.” It does not mean I think dress codes are sexist; and that I would put ALL the blame on men who shout lewd comments at me when I pass by in a mini skirt because “I should be able to wear anything I want.”*

I am a feminist for simple reasons.

I am a feminist because I fight for gender equality; for equal opportunities and equal treatment regardless of gender. I believe men and women should receive the same pay and benefits for the same quality of work. I believe women should get equal rights for an education, healthcare, expression, and protection in this world as any man. Continue reading “Because #IWD”

Creative Outbursts


The surroundings came alive in the dead of the night. Crickets sung in the nearby distance, people loitered in the area, and cars passed by frequently.

And then, there we were, sitting on the benches outside a park, consumed in our own little word.

You were fidgeting, and I shocked, after you dropped the bomb on me.

I watched as you tossed the remains of the fourth cigarette you smoked during our conversation that barely lasted 15 minutes. And then we stared at each other, out of words and not a thing to do… until you wrapped your arms around me. Continue reading “Hiatus”

Daily (Mis)adventures

7 Goals in 12 Months: The Aftermath

If you remember, last year, I made a list of goals that I would be aiming for during my first 12 months of working in the corporate world; and I swore then that after a year, I would go through what I have and haven’t accomplished during that timeframe. You may read here if you want a recap of what BS I’m talking about.

Anyway, some weeks ago, I celebrated my 1st anniversary as an employee of Hewlett Packard Enterprises; so apparently, now’s the time to assess the aftermath of this sacred vow.


1. Stay in Shape

I have to admit, achieving this one was pretty tough. I’ve undergone quite a change in my lifestyle: from the stressful life in UP Diliman, where I burn calories unconsciously when running from building to building; to a white-collared life where I’m seated 24/7 in an air-conditioned room. I’ve already started to anticipate adding a few a lot of pounds on my first few months; though thankfully, I was able to avoid the inevitable. Continue reading “7 Goals in 12 Months: The Aftermath”

Creative Outbursts


This is the second of a two-part love story. Click here to read Part 1.


It scares me how much I love him.

I’m afraid of him. This guy… who I’ve been spending most of my every days with. I’m afraid of how he makes me feel; how I always find myself wishing that every instant spent with him would last forever. That every time I’m with him, I just want to tell him how cute he is, or how smart he sounds when he talks, or how good he smells. I’m afraid of liking him so much.

Yet, I love how he is always there for me, whether I need him to or not. How he stays up late when I can’t sleep. That he would listen to me whine/cry/rant up until the wee hours of the morning, even on the most boring and petty topics like politics or heartbreak.

I love how he is someone who I could share my dreams with. Although he is always the first to laugh at all the flaws and naivety in them, he would still try to support me when he can. Continue reading “He”

Creative Outbursts


I hate a lot of things about her.

Maybe it’s because she’s so different. And complicated. A challenge for anyone, if I may add.

She’s got this queen-bee attitude. Yeah, I think I hate that about her. She would never just sit around without getting everything (she thinks) she deserves. You can’t just please her with flowers on Valentine’s, or a candle-lit dinner on your anniversary. She would always demand more from you, push you to do better, because she would never settle for some semblance of mediocrity.

Plus, she’s obsessed with being right all the time. And she’s got a big mouth. Two ingredients you just can’t put together… with her, especially. It makes her feel opinionated and smart. She would just delve in deep conversations – going on and on about religion, history, politics, and sociology – to the point that she makes me question my own beliefs and ideas. I hate that she outsmarts me on many occasions. Continue reading “She”

Daily (Mis)adventures

My Life Sucks

I have just finished the fourth installment of A Song of Ice Series…and I hate it.

By it, I don’t mean the book per se, but the feeling of finishing it.

For the past few days, I’m being a little more mindful of the fact that books have started to ruin my life.

Reading has always been my first resort when I’m in need of a recreational or therapeutic activity. Opening a book feels like being pushed into a vast, dark, and fathomless pit. And as I fall deeper into the endless hollow, the world I am in disappears, only to be replaced by a realm far more fascinating and marvelous. In a mere second, I see myself transform from a boring young adult, to a three-feet tall hobbit on a quest to slay Smaug the dragon in order to reclaim the hidden treasures of Lonely Mountain. Continue reading “My Life Sucks”