Daily (Mis)adventures

Oscar 2017: Predictions

So, it’s the Oscar season yet again. The prestigious Awards Night would start in less than 24 hours, and here I am, rushing this blog entry. Unfortunately, the past weeks have been a busy time for me, so I was not able to watch all movies on time and still be able to write. In fact, I just finished watching the last film a few hours ago. So excuse me if I can’t force my thoughts into some semblance of order.

For the list of my predictions, please click here. Must beat my accuracy last year where I got 4 incorrectly. 😦

La la Land

This one’s a real juggernaut: it’s got singing, dancing, music, and then there’s Ryan Gosling. The fact that it is entering the Academy Awards with 14 nominations (tying with record holders Titanic and All About Eve), a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and the Directors’ Guild of America Award, nothing is stopping La La Land’s momentum. Add to that how it’s quite the crowd-pleaser (yes, the hype is real, and for good reason).

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Travel Diaries


My last domestic flight for 2016 was my trip to Iloilo-Guimaras last December 15-18. My sister, who is working in the fashion industry, gets to fly to different remote areas in the Philippines as part of her job description. When I found out she has been assigned to Iloilo, I knew I just had to go with her.

For months, I have been waiting for a seat sale, but to no avail. Alas, I booked my flight only 1 month before my planned departure (still at regular rates boo), ironed out my itinerary the weekend before the trip itself, and booked all the accommodations and travel activities merely 2 days before; making this by far my most impromptu trip ever.

By Dec. 15, I flew solo all the way to Iloilo and there I met my sister.

Our first destination was the crowd-favorite Isla de Gigantes, where we stayed for 1 and a half days. This is the perfect spot to get a feel of an unadulterated provincial life: there was absolutely no mobile network coverage in the whole island, we stayed the night in

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Travel Diaries


Last September 17-21, I hopped on a plane bound for Cagayan de Oro. Yes… after 4 years, I was finally back in Mindanao! Now, before I dive into the details of my 4-day trip, let me tell you that IBuCaCa (Iligan-Bukidnon-Cagayan de Oro-Camiguin) is one of the most intrepid tourist spots you could visit in the Philippines. This is made especially for the adrenaline-seeking travel bugs out there.

So what is a stay-at-home sleepyhead like me doing there? Well, while the outdoors is never a place for me, it always feels good to leave the comforts of  my natural habitat and see the glory of heights, nature, and adventure . 🙂

Let me immortalize my experiences in all those four cities through this journal. For those of you hoping to find a copy of our planned itinerary (with contacts and expenses), check out this spreadsheet.

DAY 1 Iligan

We had Iligan, known as The City of Majestic Waterfalls, planned out on our first day. We ironed out our arrangements with a recommended tour guide, Cernan Aguinot, a week Continue reading “IBuCaCa”

Daily (Mis)adventures

Les Misérables: A Review

Les Misérables was the first classic novel that I read *on my own* accord (had to emphasize it just so you’d noticed that lousy word play I just made.)

It was summer after sixth grade. I was browsing through our shelves looking for a book to read, when I found our copy of Les Misérables. There was nothing fancy in the covers, nor even a summary for me to get a feel of what’s in there. Yet, I felt all the urge to read it. And fortunately, I did.

I was hooked the moment I started reading it that I basically breezed through the early chapters; all thanks to that precious and touching moment when Monseigneur Bienvenu granted Jean Valjean compassion and forgiveness just so he could grow into an honest man. From that point, I already had trouble putting the book down. Continue reading “Les Misérables: A Review”

Daily (Mis)adventures

Because #IWD

I am a feminist.

It does not mean I am a man hater. It does not mean I expect men to hold the doors or offer their seat for me. Nor do I expect people to treat me like a princess because “every woman is special.” It does not mean I think dress codes are sexist; and that I would put ALL the blame on men who shout lewd comments at me when I pass by in a mini skirt because “I should be able to wear anything I want.”*

I am a feminist for simple reasons.

I am a feminist because I fight for gender equality; for equal opportunities and equal treatment regardless of gender. I believe men and women should receive the same pay and benefits for the same quality of work. I believe women should get equal rights for an education, healthcare, expression, and protection in this world as any man.

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Daily (Mis)adventures

Oscars 2016: Favorites and Prediction

Those who know me are aware of how I have been an avid Academy Awards enthusiast since 2011. For six years now, I would make it a point to watch all the nominated movies – particularly those under the major categories – weeks before the prestigious night. And then a few hours before the Oscars itself, I would jot down my forecast of the winners for each of the categories.

It is after the announcement of winners that I would take pride and pleasure in the accuracy of my predictions. 😀

So this year, I decided to take my geekiness up a notch and start blogging my reactions on the 8 nominated films. These are evaluations from an amateur standpoint, so I assure you there would be no pretentious critique from me. Check these out below (order of how I watched them)

For my complete list of predictions, please click here.


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Travel Diaries


This year, Nery-Felipe girls decided to spend Christmas in Hong Kong – yep, all 7 of us were present. In our 5-day itinerary, we visited Victoria Peak, Hongkong Disneyland, Ngongping cable cars, Stanley Village, and Times Square – squeezing in a few food trips and personal shopping along the way.

Watch our travel video below.


Video: Ada Felipe

Editing: Aina Felipe

Music: Go Big or Go Home by American Authors