Daily (Mis)adventures

Oscar 2017: Predictions

So, it’s the Oscar season yet again. The prestigious Awards Night would start in less than 24 hours, and here I am, rushing this blog entry. Unfortunately, the past weeks have been a busy time for me, so I was not able to watch all movies just in time and still be able to write. In fact, I just finished watching the last film earlier today. So excuse me if I just can’t force my thoughts into some semblance of order.

For the list of my predictions, please click here. Must beat my accuracy last year where I got 4 incorrectly. 😩

La la Land

This one’s a real juggernaut: it’s got singing, dancing, music, and then there’s Ryan Gosling. The fact that it is entering the Academy Awards with 14 nominations (tying with record holders Titanic and All About Eve), a Golden Globe, a BAFTA, and the Directors’ Guild of America Award, nothing is stopping La La Land’s momentum. Add to that how it’s quite the crowd-pleaser (yes, the hype is real, and for good reason).

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Travel Diaries


My last domestic flight for 2016 was my trip to Iloilo-Guimaras last December 15-18. My sister, who is working in the fashion industry, gets to fly to different remote areas in the Philippines as part of her job description. When I found out she has been assigned to Iloilo, I knew I just had to go with her.

For months, I have been waiting for a seat sale, but to no avail. Alas, I booked my flight only 1 month before my planned departure (still at regular rates boo), ironed out my itinerary the weekend before the trip itself, and booked all the accommodations and travel activities merely 2 days before; making this by far my most impromptu trip ever.

By Dec. 15, I flew solo all the way to Iloilo and there I met my sister.

Our first destination was the crowd-favorite Isla de Gigantes, where we stayed for 1 and a half days. This is the perfect spot to get a feel of an unadulterated provincial life: there was absolutely no mobile network coverage in the whole island, we stayed the night in

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Travel Diaries


Last September 17-21, I hopped on a plane bound for Cagayan de Oro. Yes… after 4 years, I was finally back in Mindanao! Now, before I dive into the details of my 4-day trip, let me tell you that IBuCaCa (Iligan-Bukidnon-Cagayan de Oro-Camiguin) is one of the most intrepid tourist spots you could visit in the Philippines. This is made especially for the adrenaline-seeking travel bugs out there.

So what is a stay-at-home sleepyhead like me doing there? Well, while the outdoors is never a place for me, it always feels good to leave the comforts of  my natural habitat and see the glory of heights, nature, and adventure . 🙂

Let me immortalize my experiences in all those four cities through this journal. For those of you hoping to find a copy of our planned itinerary (with contacts and expenses), check out this spreadsheet.

DAY 1 Iligan

We had Iligan, known as The City of Majestic Waterfalls, planned out on our first day. We ironed out our arrangements with a recommended tour guide, Cernan Aguinot, a week Continue reading “IBuCaCa”

Daily (Mis)adventures

Les MisĂ©rables: A Review

Les MisĂ©rables was the first classic novel that I read *on my own* accord (had to emphasize it just so you’d noticed that lousy word play I just made.)

It was summer after sixth grade. I was browsing through our shelves looking for a book to read, when I found our copy of Les MisĂ©rables. There was nothing fancy in the covers, nor even a summary for me to get a feel of what’s in there. Yet, I felt all the urge to read it. And fortunately, I did.

I was hooked the moment I started reading it that I basically breezed through the early chapters; all thanks to that precious and touching moment when Monseigneur Bienvenu granted Jean Valjean compassion and forgiveness just so he could grow into an honest man. From that point, I already had trouble putting the book down. Continue reading “Les MisĂ©rables: A Review”

Daily (Mis)adventures

Because #IWD

I am a feminist.

It does not mean I am a man hater. It does not mean I expect men to hold the doors or offer their seat for me. Nor do I expect people to treat me like a princess because “every woman is special.” It does not mean I think dress codes are sexist; and that I would put ALL the blame on men who shout lewd comments at me when I pass by in a mini skirt because “I should be able to wear anything I want.”*

I am a feminist for simple reasons.

I am a feminist because I fight for gender equality; for equal opportunities and equal treatment regardless of gender. I believe men and women should receive the same pay and benefits for the same quality of work. I believe women should get equal rights for an education, healthcare, expression, and protection in this world as any man.

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Travel Diaries


This year, Nery-Felipe girls decided to spend Christmas in Hong Kong – yep, all 7 of us were present. In our 5-day itinerary, we visited Victoria Peak, Hongkong Disneyland, Ngongping cable cars, Stanley Village, and Times Square – squeezing in a few food trips and personal shopping along the way.

Watch our travel video below.


Video: Ada Felipe

Editing: Aina Felipe

Music: Go Big or Go Home by American Authors

Creative Outbursts


The surroundings came alive in the dead of the night. Crickets sung in the nearby distance, people loitered in the area, and cars passed by frequently.

And then, there we were, sitting on the benches outside a park, consumed in our own little word.

You were fidgeting, and I shocked, after you dropped the bomb on me.

I watched as you tossed the remains of the fourth cigarette you smoked during our conversation that barely lasted 15 minutes. And then we stared at each other, out of words and not a thing to do
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